For General Contracting 

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About Us

Nomadia Company was established in  1997 as a private Libyan  company licensed to work in the field of General Constructions, and electrical business in Libya.

Since its date of establishment , the company had carried out a number of development projects, as well as other facilities  various types of Clients including Real-estate developers, Oil Companies, Local and Foreign Authorities and Organizations those acting in the Libyan market.

Nomadia΄s headquarters is located in the capital city of Libya. This enhances its performance efficiency and enables it to conduct its activities in the various regions of the country in a timely and economic manner


Nomadia has extensive expertise and experience in the construction of infrastructure projects. The experience includes  projects, infrastructure utilities, electrical works, industrial buildings and a wide range of other categories of buildings. Nomadia staff has developed a complete set of tested forms and procedures that allows them to provide the required quality assurance and construction management services in a very efficient and timely manner.