Avoidable is the suffering which has not yet ad esempio

Avoidable is the suffering which has not yet ad esempio

The cause of the avoidable is identifying the perceiver with the perceived. The nature of light, movement, and preservation consisting of the elements, senses, and experience are for the sake of liberation from the perceived universe. Specific, not specific, definite, indefinite are the quality states. The perceiver is only the perception, nonostante even though seeing through mental images. That is only for the sake of the soul of the perceived universe. Though destroyed for the enlightened, it is not destroyed for the community of others.

The forces of both one’s own owner attaining one’s own form cause identity. The cause of this is ignorance. Sopra the absence of that, per the absence of identity removed, that is freedom of the perceiver. Discriminating undisturbed intelligence removes suffering.

This develops through seven stages of wisdom. By practice of the steps of union impurities are destroyed by the light of knowledge up sicuro discriminating intelligence. Restraint, observances, posture, breath control, sublimation, attention, concentration, and meditation are the eight steps.

There are nonviolence, not lying, not stealing, not lusting, not possessing. These, not limited by class, country, time, circumstance, are the universal great vows.

Overcome destructive instincts by cultivating the opposites. Destructive instincts are harmful thoughts whether done, caused, or approved, whether motivated by greed, anger, or delusion, whether mild, moderate, or intense; they result durante endless suffering and ignorance. Therefore cultivate the opposites.

Cleanliness brings protection of one’s own body and non-infection from contact with others

Nonviolence confirmed, durante that presence hostility is relinquished. Not lying confirmed, work and its fruits submit. Not stealing confirmed, all riches approach. Not lusting confirmed, vigor is gained. Not possessing established, there occurs knowledge of the birth process.

Goodness purified becomes serenity, single-mindedness, conquest of the senses, and readiness sicuro perceive the soul. From contentment the best happiness is gained. Perfection of the body’s senses comes from the destruction of impurities by discipline. From self-study comes communion with the divine ideal. Meditation is successfully identifying with the Lord.

After that is accomplished, regulation of inhalation and exhalation is breath control. External, internal, and motionless are the modifications as regulated by space, time, and number, becoming long and subtle. External, internal spheres cast aside is the fourth. From this is removed the covering of the Light, and prepared is the mind for attention.

Withdrawn from its own objects consciousness identifies datingranking.net/it/xdating-review/ with its own form so that the senses are sublimated. From that comes supreme mastery over the senses.

3. Powers

Original focus of consciousness is attention. Continuing awareness there is concentration. When that shines light chiazza sopra its own form empty, it is meditation. These three working as one are inner control. By that conquering comes the light of wisdom. Its application is puro the levels. These three are more internal than the preceding. Even these are external onesto the seedless.

Control of destructive instincts and impressions disappears and appears durante the highest control of joined consciousness, as control evolves. Its flow becomes calm by habit. Multiplicity dissolving as oneness arises, the consciousness of meditation evolves. From there again past and present are similar con the awareness of the consciousness, as oneness evolves. By this the elements of the senses durante their evolution of principles, characteristics, and states are explained. Past, present, or future, the principle closely follows the substance. Another order causes the other preciso evolve.

By inner control of the triple evolution comes knowledge of the past and future. Sound, meaning, and response coinciding with one another are confused; their analysis by inner control brings knowledge of the sounds of all beings. By witnessing the causes of impressions previous lives are known.

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