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Welcome to Nomadia company Official WebSite

Nomadia is a construction Works company

Back Ground & Mission

Nomadia was established in the year of 1997 upon decision no. (337) of the Minister of Planning, Economic, and Commerce for the year of 1997, as a Libyan shared company permitted to work in the field of general contracting, and electrical business in Libya.

Nomadia was established to meet the growing need for a professionally competent contracting firm, to provide construction services for the developmental activities for the public and private institutions and organizations in Libya.

Since its establishment in 1997, Nomadia has been involved in a number of projects in the areas of housing, architecture and building construction, water supply and wastewater facilities construction, and supply and erection of electrical facilities.

Nomadia headquarters is located in Tripoli. This enhances Nomadia performance efficiency and enables it to conduct its activities in the various regions of the country in a timely and economic manner.

Nomadia has over the past 13 years, carried out construction of a number of development projects including public and residential buildings, as well as other facilities.

In the area of buildings and infrastructure, Nomadia has been actively involved in the construction of several buildings and several infrastructure projects. In the course of those activities, Nomadia staff has become very familiar with the operational modalities of Libyan municipalities and village councils, and the private sector requirements.

Nomadia has extensive expertise and experience in the construction of buildings and infrastructure projects. The experience includes private and public buildings, infrastructure facilities, electrical works, industrial buildings and a wide range of other categories of buildings. Nomadia staff has developed a complete set of tested forms and procedures that allows them to provide the required quality assurance and construction management services in a very efficient and timely manner.

Nomadia is approved by the National Oil Company (NOC) to work in the oil sector and in its specialized field, it's registered under no. (326). In addition Nomadia is registered at other organizations such as Brega Marketing Company, and Ras Lanouf for Oil & Gas Company.

Nomadia clients include real estate, governmental and commercial agencies and organizations in Libya.